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Inside the world of a haute couture designer! Issue 27 Couture Living Image Tips
April 09, 2015

Fashion Culture TV Chicago, a platform for emerging Talent

A big Ciao and XOXOXO from J-na and Cal, We are thrilled to be part of the Art/Couture movement as a Mother/Son design duo!

This Newsletter is centered around the potentially booming undeveloped Chicago High-Fashion Market.

Fashion Culture TV Chicago is the only Cable TV Show that runs on Prime Time Family Viewing Hours that has the purpose of only featuring local Fashion Culture with National and International Fashion Features!

Latest Fashion Culture Update! The Date we will be in the Studio Taping is April 19th. Email or Call Me for details for coordinating a segment featuring your talents. If you have an event and would like fashion Culture TV to do a segment from your live event with interview this can also be arranged.

Fashion Culture TV Chicago is looking for Investors.

The Chicago Market is the LARGEST under-Developed and Under-Exposed International Market with Billions in Buying Power.

With the influx of TV shows, Movies, Entertainers coming to and out of Chicago, Fashion is soon to follow.

Take it from us, the amount of fashion activity as of Late is building with Fashion Events Proliferating all over the city.

Do you see the wisdom in investing in this Market? Look at the Progress New York as made and the prosperity enjoyed throughout the city in the Fashion Industry.

Fashion Culture TV Chicago is the only sitcom Talk Show in Chicago with a Classy spin on all things Fashion, the hosts are dressed in Coordinated Couture Pieces, and the Guests are bursting with under-exposed talents.

Fashion Culture TV Chicago Also has the aim of Educating the masses on Fashion Culture, how to act at a fashion show, why should you follow a local designer, how to dress for fashion events, how to plug into the local fashion culture, what are sample sales, how to buy for next season in advance ect.

Let's Meet or do a Video Conference to Discuss Investment Opportunities, Sponsorship, and Involvement for you or on behalf of anyone that you represent or refer.

Be a Part of the Live Audience.

Would you like to be a ‪#live‬ ‪‎audience‬ ‪‎participant‬ in the next Taping of Fashion Culture ‪#‎TV‬ Chicago, email with your request. The Next Scheduled ‪Episode‬ Taping is set for April 19th at 6PM!

Being a Live audience Member is a great way to support the local fashion culture and it has its perks.

Contact Kat. Wearable Tech

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Read about it here! We are soooo excited to share with you!

With Warmest Wishes,

Yours in Empowerment and Personal Style,

J-na and Cal Garcia

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