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Join us July 4th Weekend for a makeover retreat!
June 10, 2024
Ciao couture club insider‚ú®

Join us July 3rd -7th for a complete makeover retreat!

Who here needs a complete makeover?!!!!!

Yeah! We all do! Let's be honest. Want to know the secret to reinventing ourselves full of confidence, vibrancy, and life force energy?

Want to finally have the confidence to wear that vibrant colorful fashion we adore on THAT girl or THAT guy, but would never dare to place on ourselves?!

Want to heal our relationship with colors and divorce our relationship with wearing black and drab shades every day?

Want to turn back time and look like we did when we wore THAT special outfit that we rocked in the "GOOD OLE DAYS" that we can't see ourselves in anymore even though it's back in fashion?

Want the secret?

DETOX DETOX DETOX...then a little RETOX because let's face it, it's fun....then more DETOX

Our fave Spiritual Healer Suryakrishnna, Cal who just opened up a detox and earthing retreat center and boutique in Playa Del Carmen Rivera Maya, and Master Yogi Jose Troche are taking us on a 5 day full circle mind, body, and soul DETOX.

In fact that is the name of the Retreat: MBS Detox, a full bio astral, and etheric reset!

HAAAA! I bet you didn't know I was an alternative medicine healer and energy worker RIGHT!

Surprise surprise! How else can I manage to do what I do and still look this FAB in my late 60s!

Cal is in his early 40s and he always gets placed at 29-31 since he has been a very studious and faithful apprentice of mine in other fields besides fashion and style!

I've cured myself and others of cancer, I have also brought my mom and dad back from knocking on deaths door after their hospitalizations to a stable and robust state of health on numerous occasions. I am going to the Kansas orchard to my mom's earthing home to undo the latest damage her doctors did next week in fact.

Ask me anything about the retreat. -Or- Ask Cal anything. -Or- Request the full retreat schedule. -Or- Be proactive since there are only 15 spaces available and book directly with Cal. It's all inclusive and Cal is preparing his gourmet raw vegan intermittent fasting menu to support our detox regimens.

The cost of the retreat is only $3,300

Yes, there are VIP upgrades and add-ons including the Harmonic Egg Chamber, Pandora Star light therapy to expand consciousness improve concentration and open creative centers and more! +1 815.513.2776

Meet with Cal

Servicing custom, bespoke, and couture clients anywhere thanks to 3D scans and printing. No fittings necessary.

3D printing

What a wonderful experience that we are soooo thrilled to share with you! Pay it Forward and Pass on this newsletter to others in the Fashion Empowerment Lifestyle Movement!

With Warmest Wishes, J-na and Cal The Mother and Son team of fashion designers.

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