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Inside the world of a haute couture designer!, Issue #01-- teaser here
May 20, 2013
Hello There!

A big HELLO from J-na and Cal, amidst a busy couture season full of exciting new designs as the Fall 2013 runways are just starting to heat up!

We are thrilled to be part of the Art/Couture movement as a Mother/Son design duo! Cal and I adore seeing the new original and Eye-Popping offerings from top couture designers! Have you seen the latest yet?

I am partial to Elie Saab and Valentino so far....Elie's Ready to Wear this Fall has tons of lace and lots of the top colors for Fall, especially Navy and Royal blue. Valentino's R-T-W takes us on a journey back in time~his silhouettes evoke the historical costumes of Europe with a sleek, modern twist!

But....always a feast for the dramatic.....Alexander McQueen went ALL THE WAY into the elaborate couture of Medieval Royalty! Wowsers!

Who is your favorite lately? Cal and I would love to hear your views!

Cal is hard at work putting final touches on his menswear collection....ditto for me with womenswear!

Stay tuned for our next magazine editorials and our over-the-top Art Couture statements...if you enjoy drama, that is!

Here is a TOP SECRET preview of the images coming out in several Art and Couture magazine Editorials.....Details on this later!

We hope to do some 4 minute video clips too, sharing our insider secrets to help you look and feel your best! Each month we hope to share valuable info you can use right away, so stay tuned for more news next month from your favorite Mother/Son design team!

It's all about empowering you to find and develop your best couture concept in personal style, and in turn empowering those around you!

Another feature of our newsletter is the photo of the week, this week's couture image is of Internationally recognized artist Cristy Corso in her j-na couture concept gown. Click on the link and read about how she suddenly found herself on the runway at NYC couture fashion week......A very inspiring story in Couture Living applied!

Announcement: Spring Accessories are now available for made-to-measure couture customization in the online j-na couture house.

Now with new functionality that allows us to design to your personality even without holding a face-to-face design meeting. Click Here for women's couture accessories..
Click Here for Men's Couture Accessories!
We are soooo excited to share with you!

Yours in Empowerment and Personal Style,

J-na and Cal Garcia

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